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Medical aesthetics is the best approach to caring for oneself with modern wellness treatments. LeDerm® carries only medical-grade skin care product lines that are exclusive to physician-supervised establishments. 

Vitality Institute thumb

Vitality Institute


VI products and peels represent the next generation of chemical exfoliants for custom treatments. Their treatments can reverse skin damage from acne, hyper-pigmentation, and the sun.

Image Skin Care thumb

Image Skin Care


Image Skincare products are pharmaceutical grade without the use of chemical preservatives like parabens. Image is known for its pursuit of healthy, beautiful, radiant skin.

Ocean+ thumb



Ocean Plus is a cutting-edge marine biotechnology line of products based on a native soluble collagen Type I and Omega-3 from fish oils  to treat aging skin, Rosacea, acne and eczema.

Glymed Plus thumb

Glymed Plus


GlyMed Plus are professional, technologically-advanced products ingredients with certified botanicals. Medical grade treatment that help bring skin back to a more youthful state. 

Oxygenetix thumb



A newer, marine-derived brand with products based on Omega 3 and fish oils, the Ocean+ product line thus provides your body with the essential nutrients needed to be well nourished and in balance.

Prescription Tretinoin thumb

Prescription Tretinoin


Tretinoin is a vitamin-A based prescription medication used to treat fine wrinkles, dark spots, or rough skin caused by sun damage. It is highly effective when used with a customized skin care program.

Oxygenetix thumb

MDSolar Sciences


A mineral based sunscreen that is one of the best on the market. This line offers excellent blending properties as well as daily protection for your skin.

Clinician's Complex thumb

Clinician's Complex


Utilizing the latest developments in cosmecutical skin care technology, Clinician's Complex 
 is a medically oriented skin rejuvenation product line with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade, anti-aging ingredients.

Oxygenetix thumb

Blue Lizard


Water resistant, baby friendly, and protection from both UVB and UVA rays, blue lizard is widely regarded as a go to sunscreen for being active in the sun for longer periods of time.

Oxygenetix thumb

Bioron Arnicare Gel


Highly recommended for patients undergoing medical skin care treatments. This is a natural-derived, highly effective, topical anti inflammatory product. Great for cooling and soothing the skin pre and post laser services. Ask us about Arnica!

Oxygenetix thumb

Baby Foot


An incredibly effective peel for the underside of the feet. Clients have raved how soft their feet are after using this product. Removes excess skin from the foot leaving you smooth and soft.

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