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TruSculpt 3D

LeDerm Laser & Medical Aesthetics, Lexington, Ma

Most of us have faced this at one point or another; you take care of yourself, you diet and exercise, but you just can't seem to lose that excess fat in some areas.

Here's the answer to eliminating those difficult, hard to lose areas

You can finally, and permanently treat those problem "spot" areas that you always wished you could change but no amount of dieting or exercise would eliminate.

truSculpt 3D can permanently slim and sculpt your figure (arms, abdomen, thighs, neck, etc.) in about an hour with NO downtime, and unlike all other body sculpting procedures and devices on the market today, it also tightens the skin to reduce potential laxity problems.

Body Treatments

1 Treatment of 1 hour or 4 segments - $1800

2 Treatments of 4 segments - $3400

Neck Treatments

2 Treatments - $1600

3 Treatments - $1800

Must be paid at time of first treatment.

Can not be split for multiple clients

Treatments spaced 6 weeks apart

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5 Berry Pigment Control Peel

This is a customized treatment for more extensive skin damage. It lightens areas of skin discoloration, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. Improves the overall complexion of the face, neck or chest. 

5% TCA and potent anti-oxidants from Cranberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Blackberry and Bearberry. These anti-oxidants are enriched with natural tyrosinase inhibitors that will brighten epidermal pigmentary disorders while stimulating your collagen.

Thinking about Body Contouring?

LeDerm Laser & Medical Aesthetics, Lexington, Ma

Venus Body Contouring

Shrinks Fat, Tightens Skin

Reduces Cellulite and Wrinkles

Face, Neck and Body Treatments

8 Venus Legacy Body Treatments


Regularly $2800

Buy 4 Get 1 Free

Venus Freeze Face or Neck Treatments


Book while appointments last - Call 781-862-8100


All offers expire June 30th

All offers cannot be combined with other specials or promotions

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