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All botox and medical filler treatments are performed by Mary McCallum, a registered nurse working in association with a board-certified plastic surgeon, Joseph Russo, M.D.

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Botox (for muscle wrinkles)

The best solution for fast and dramatic muscle wrinkle reduction without surgery. Botox relaxes overactive facial muscles responsible for frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow's feet. Additionally, Botox will will give your muscles memory to stay relaxed and to stop forming new wrinkles. After a few tiny facial muscle injections, wrinkles will begin to fade away within days. Experience a smoother-looking face and feel more youthful.

Cosmetic Fillers (for volume-loss wrinkles)

As the body ages, collagen begins to break down, reducing facial volume and predisposing the skin to dreaded sagging. The purpose of cosmetic fillers is to replenish volume for face and hands, eliminate wrinkles, and lift the skin. 

Call today for an introductory consultation.*

* Introductory consultation consists of a one hour skin-typing and assessment with recommendations for treatment. If appointment for treatment is made at time of consult, price of consultation is applied towards treatment.

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