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eyelash extensions before and after
eyelash extensions before and after

About Eyelash Extensions

Lash extensions provide a finished and polished look without the fuss of makeup. For any woman who desires longer, fuller, and natural looking lashes, LeDerm's skilled professionals will truly transform you with a new look. Our extensions are applied lash by lash with medical grade adhesive with the creative artistry for which we are known.


Eyelash Extensions are semi-permanent and with proper care will last many weeks. Since lashes extensions will shed with your natural lash growth cycle, follow up maintenance and enhancements are recommmended every 2-5 weeks depending on the fullest, most natural desired appearance.


Call or email us today to schedule a consultation.*

Full Set Eyelash Extensions   $250
2-3 Week Enhancement   $75
4-5 Week Enhancement   $100
Special Occasion Partial Set   $150
Less lashes than full set. Provides a glamorous look while drawing attention to the eyes.

* Introductory consultation consists of a fifteen minute assessment with recommendations for treatment. 

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