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Dr. Adam Killpartrick Presents:


"The Five Things You NEED To Know To Lose Weight and Keep It Off"


dr adam killpatrick
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In today's hectic, high stress world losing weight and keeping it off can be difficult for some and seemingly impossible for others.  And unfortunately those who have difficulty with their weight haven't been told CRUCIAL information that could eliminate the struggle and get them on the road to optimal weight and body composition.  


That information is exactly what Dr. Killpartrick will present. To make it easy and practical, he's broken everything down to five things you NEED to know. When you leave this event, you'll have a deeper understanding of how to get to where you want to be and what you have to do to get there. This goes way beyond 'eat right and exercise'. This information is life-changing and could be your answer to lifelong weight management and health.  


Join us on January 30th at 6pm. After the presentation, there will be Q&A and Dr. Killpartrick will not leave the building until everyone's questions have been answered!  

Light Refreshments will be served

Door prizes

Event Discounts:
You must be present - No Exceptions

20% off all vitamins

Pre-pay appointments and book later
Botanical Facial Rejuvenation  $85

Hydrating Moisturizing Facial

Microdermabrasion or Ultrasonic Facial  $75
Mechanical Exfoliation Treatment

90 Min Therapeutic Massage $75


Fire and Ice (hot and cold massage therapy)

Aroma therapy

All Treatments must be booked within
1 Month of Purchase or will expire!



We're looking forward to

seeing and assisting you.

"Another LeDerm Moment for a New You"

Warmly, Mary


428 Marrett Rd. ~ Lexington MA

Thursday, January 30th
Seating is limited, call us to reserve early!
428 Marrett Rd. Lexington, MA
This is an RSVP event.
Please sign up for our newsletter to receive your invitation.
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